Meet our Chefs

During different times of the year we have anywhere from 50-100+ culinary and utility staff throughout the company.  It takes a lot of coordination and effort to make it all work seamlessly.  One of the most important elements to making it all happen is having talented and hardworking chefs in the right key positions in order to make all of the aspects of our very multifaceted operations work. Our chefs coordinate the production and execution of a wide range of culinary applications that range form a picnic for 20 or a hamburger lunch for 2, all the way to high end tasting menus for the most discerning palates and giant high end, themed events for thousands of people.  They manage, teach and mentor 5-30 staff members each and are in our opinion the best at what they do. Here’s an introduction to the team of chefs that make up the Mazzone Management Group.

Executive Chefwill

Glen Sanders Mansion

Will Brown

years with company: 4

culinary school:  SCCC


Catering Cheflee

Glen Sanders Mansion

Lee Dupont

Years with company: 9

Culinary School:  Self Taught


Sous Chefcarlos

Glen Sanders Mansion

Carlos  Rivera

Years with company: 4

Culinary School: Self Taught


Chef de Cuisinefrank

Angelos Tavolo

Frank Tardio

Years with Company :12

Culinary School: Self Taught


Sous Chefjoey

Angelos Tavolo

Joe Cormier

Years with Company : 1

Culinary School:  Johnson and Whales


Executive Pastry Chefderek

Glen Sanders Mansion Bakery

Derek Heroux

Years with Company: 3

Culinary School: Johnson and Whales


Chef de cuisinesteve

677 Prime

Steve Kerzner

Years with company: 3

                                             Culinary school: CIA,  SCCC


Sous Chefken

677 Prime

Ken Kehn

Years with company: 6

Culinary school:  Paul Smiths


Executive Chefjason

Saratoga National Golf Club

Jason Saunders

Years with company: 9

                                             Culinary School: SCCC


Chef de cuisinejereme

Prime at Saratoga National

Jereme Keough

Years with company: 1

Culinary School: CIA


Sous Cheftim

Prime Saratoga National

Tim Thompson

Years with Company: 1

Culinary School: CIA


Executive Chefsteve2

Hall of Springs

Andy Hurd

Years with company: 3

                                             Culinary School: SCCC


Executive Chefdevin

Aperitivo Bistro

Devin Ziemann

Years with Company :2 yrs

Culinary School:  SCCC


Sous Chefmike

Aperitivo Bistro

Mike Zehner

Years with Company : 2

Culinary School: SCCC

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  1. Cheryl Busino

    Devin, we enjoyed a delicious dinner Wednesday evening prior to a Proctors show and had the opportunity to meet you at our table.(Thanks to a wonderful waitress) The four of us had just devoured your panko encrusted ahi tuna and wondered if you would give out the recipe. I also hope to see it on the regular menu as compared to one of your specials,so we can enjoy it on another visit to Aperitivo Bistro. The dressing on the mixed green and arugala salad was also wonderful. Thanks for a memorable meal! Cheryl Busino

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