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There is a cocktail contest with Bernheim Original Kentucky Straight Wheat whiskey now through February 1st. No purchase necessary to enter, but if you would like to try the drink, you must stop in! It is called, “The In Fashion”, a spin on the classic cocktail the “Old-Fashioned”, (recipe down below). Only a few local restaurants are participating. Bar and Nightclub magazine, and Southern Wine and Spirits along with Bernheim are sponsoring. It has turned into a “fun” way of competing, and in casting your votes as well.

Texting your vote is how the votes are tallied. When you text, it also enters you a chance to win a dinner for 8 at any of the participating local restaurants. I found that to be a rewarding way of getting the public involved! So, to vote for us, you must text the word “PRIME” to the phone number 82442. You should get a response fairly quickly thanking you for entering, a safety letting you know you did it properly! Happy texting! For a list of participating restaurants, visit:

“The In Fashion”

4 ½ oz. Bernheim Wheat whiskey

Black Cherries, pitted

Blood Oranges

Cinnamon infused simple syrup

Blood Orange Bitters


In a shaker muddle the 3 fresh black cherries, 2 half wheels of blood oranges, little cinnamon syrup, small splash of blood orange bitters. Add ice, then Berheim Wheat whiskey. Shake to your heart’s content and strain into a martini glass. A quick dash of All-Spice on top, and garnish with a black cherry and blood orange wheel.

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