Alternative Wedding Desserts

Mar, 19th, 2016

Multi-tiered cakes have always been one of the most traditional parts of a wedding celebration - everyone has seen the photo of a bride coyly trying to get away from the groom attempting to feed her cake. But what if you want to forgo the cake in the face photo and put a new spin on the wedding dessert? There are so many alternatives to a traditional tiered-cake, the possibilities are endless!

Go Miniature: Bite-sized desserts are all the rage. Think cupcakes, petit fours, cake pops, macarons. The good thing about going bite-sized is that you can have a variety of flavors and treats, and just about any dessert can be miniaturized.

Think About Breakfast: Donuts, pancakes, waffles, think breakfast-style sweet treats. With brunch weddings as a hot trend for 2016, these breakfast treats work perfectly as a wedding cake alternative. Do a donut tower, or a pancake and waffle bar with a variety of toppings and syrups. Chances are, your guests will love having a little breakfast indulgence at night.

Savory: For a true departure from the wedding cake, think about a cheese display (or cheese "cake"!). While it is a little non-traditional, serving cheese for dessert is a great way to incorporate some European flair into your day. Keep it sweet by pairing the cheese with various honeys, jams, and fruits.