Covid Event Guidelines

updated March 29, 2021


Party Sizes at non-residential spaces 

(all occupancy numbers are EXCLUDING staff) 

  • March 15th– Up to 50 people or 50% occupancy with no testing. 51 to 150 people or 50% occupancy with testing protocols.   
  • Indoors- Up to 100 people or 75% occupancy without testing. 101 to 150 people or 75% occupancy with testing protocols. All Social Distancing rules still apply. 
  • Outdoors- Up to 200 people or 75% occupancy without testing. All Social Distancing rules still apply. (Maximum occupancy with testing is still unclear.)


Party Sizes at Residential homes  

  • As of March 22nd, the current guidelines of 10 people will now allow up to 25 people outdoors. There is not an option to hold larger gatherings even with testing. 


Social Distancing Rules and Requirements  

  • Masks must continue to be worn at ALL times unless seated at your designated table.  


  • Host to provide a list/floor plan associating parties up to 10 people that include members of the same immediate party/household/or family. Mazzone Hospitality, with the sign-off from the Host, will provide designated tables for each party, (using numbers or names). These tables will have the correct number of seats for each member of that party. Each party must practice social distancing from all other attendees.  

Bars and Staff Attended Buffets 

  • Attendees must practice Socially Distancing with masks on while in line for the locations. Attendees must return to their designated spaces/tables and be seated prior to removing their masks to eat or drink.  

Live Music  

  • Live music performers or other entertainers, particularly if unmasked or playing a wind instrument, must be separated from other attendees by either 12 feet or an appropriate physical barrier. Any Live performers than can wear a mask, will need to wear a mask at all times. If a 12-foot distance is not able to be provided on the floor plan for live performers, the live performers are responsible for providing physical barriers.  

Disc Jockey 

  • DJs will need to wear masks at all times and be spaced at least 6 feet away from any other attendee. If a DJ needs to remove his mask to speak, they will need at least 12 feet from any other attendee or a physical barrier. Physical barriers are the responsibility of the DJ’s.  


  • Ceremonial Dances (Example: First Dance, parent Dances) can occur with members of the same immediate party if they remain 6 feet in distance from any other guests.  
  • Prior to the event, the host must notify Mazzone Hospitality what Ceremonial dances will occur and what attendees will be involved.
  • Attendees may dance only with members of the same immediate party/household/or family. The host will work with Mazzone Hospitality to create a floor plan assigning these specific parties with specific “dance spaces. These specific spaces must be 6’x6’ or larger. They must be at least 6 feet away from any other dance spaces or designated party space. Attendees are NOT allowed to dance with any attendees who are not in their designated party. Attendees MUST wear masks at all times while dancing.