Capital Region Couple of the Year: Meet Your Event Designer

Jun, 9th, 2017

Last week, we met with Melissa Brown of Styled by Melissa and wow - How exciting! The things an event designer can bring to the table and add to an event are incredible. Because we've never planned an event of this scale, Melissa helped guide our "Pinterest board ideas" into a realistic, cohesive concept. For our initial meeting, we talked "vision" (colors, theme, style, you name it!) After discussing, Melissa went home, worked her magic and produced three incredible options based off of our taste.

Option 1

With a light, airy feel this concept could create an ethereal, fresh atmosphere.

Option 2

Timeless! The gold and mauve accents create a romantic, traditional elegance.

Option 3

Champagne and romance, does it get any better?

The decision was tough. We took it to the polls and asked Facebook friends and followers. Although all options were incredible, we ultimately decided on...




Having our wedding at 90 State Events in mid March, this vision just felt best! The romantic style of the venue is ideal for these colors and feel.

We can't wait!!

Now, some of you may be asking why exactly do we need an Event Designer. Well, see below the "5 Reasons to Hire an Event Designer".

5 Reasons to Hire an Event Designer

Chances are, this is the first time you've planned an event of this scale. And if not, then probably not one as personal as your own wedding. You want to make sure all the details speak to your sense of style and personality. But if weddings aren't supposed to be cookie cutter, then why are there so many one-size-fits-all packages from which to choose? A professional event designer will have your best interest at heart and help you sort through all the clutter. Whether you long for an Instagram-worthy affair, want to bring your Pinterest board to life, or just need someone to help transform your blank-canvas venue, here are five reasons you should consider adding an event designer to your wedding planning roster.

1.) Unique factor

Regardless of if you have an eye for design or not, no one can bring your vision to life like an event designer. Sure, a designer has the resume to prove their experience, but that doesn't mean your wedding will look like everyone else's. A professional event designer will get to know you as a couple before you can even begin to say what color palette you had in mind. You might think that a barn wedding means you should wear cowboy boots with your dress, but a good event designer won't let you do that if you've never set foot on a ranch.

2.) Stress relief

Planning the best day of your life shouldn't add years to your life, but more often than not, you're being pulled in all different directions and don't know where to start or when to end. Hiring a professional designer will not only alleviate the stress of the bride and her family but also that of your planner, all of whom are also trying to please everyone involved. You don't want to be left wondering up until you walk down the aisle, if the colors you chose will contrast with your backdrop, at a time when you should be able to relax and be a guest at your own wedding.

3.) Vendor coordination

An event designer will assemble a perfect vendor team suited just for you and work in tandem with your planner to create the best experience possible for everyone involved. A great designer will also be in constant communication with all your vendors so that no visual detail is missed and every aspect is cohesive. "Vintage Glamour" can mean different things to different vendors, so let a professional do the talking.

4.) One of a kind

Hiring a caterer who also offers rentals, flowers, and event planning/coordinating/designing services may seem like a streamlined solution, but think of it this way: You wouldn't hire a general contractor to decorate the interior of your house, so why would you ask your wedding planner/florist/rental company to also design your entire event? Each vendor has the specific area's in which they truly excel, so give them the time and freedom to let their skills shine and you'll receive the most personalized attention.

5.) Save time and money

It seems counterintuitive, but hiring a designer separate from your planner will help you save in the long run. Planning a wedding can be a full-time job, and time and money go hand in hand. Your designer will work closely with all your other vendors to make sure your vision is carried over from lighting to linens, while also ensuring that you don't get talked into booking uber trendy and pricey items that are on someone else's style agenda. Instead, a good designer will shop around to find that perfect item you desire without sacrificing quality or value.

The bottom line is to hire a professional for every aspect of your wedding, especially when it comes to someone who will have their hand in everything from inspiration to execution. Whether full time or part time, an event designer will be your advocate, dream maker, and all-around right-hand woman to make sure your vision is brought to life. No concept is too far-fetched, and every idea is worth exploring. Why leave the biggest day of your life to chance?