Capital Region Couple of the Year: Bridesmaids Dresses!

Aug, 31st, 2017

Earlier this month, my Bridesmaids and I went to Ferri Formals to pick our Bridesmaid dresses. All along (let's be honest-way before we were even engaged-maybe even before I was in a relationship), I had a very clear vision of my dream wedding dress, which I found at Ferri Formals back in April and am ABSOLUTELY in love with! That being said, I honestly hadn't given much thought to my bridal party's attire. I knew that I wanted a deep wine colored dress to pair well with gold accessories, but beyond that, my criteria was really just wanting it to "look nice".

As the appointment approached, I began to feel a bit overwhelmed because I had some conflicting ideas about what I was looking for. I decided that long dresses fit the desired look best, and given the unpredictability of the weather, early March in New York, I figured that was the ideal option for our day. I also knew that I wanted some variety in my bridesmaid's dresses but couldn't decide if I wanted to try different colors, maybe an ombre look that I've seen pulled off so nicely, or the same colored dresses but different styles. I really wanted everyone to be happy and comfortable in their dress!

Prior to the appointment I consulted with Styled by Randi and Katie O for some assistance. Since I'm having ten bridesmaids, the multi-colored look, likely would have been too overwhelming. Randi and Katie suggested sticking with one designer to ensure that the dresses paired well together and having the girls pick different styles that fit their unique personalities and body types. Bill Levkoff's collection ended up being the perfect solution, and they carried SO MANY OPTIONS at Ferri Formals!

The day of was absolutely amazing! I arrived expecting to feel stressed with some tough decisions ahead. Marylu and her consultants, Kelly and Karen, were so helpful and accommodating for our big group. Although there were a lot of us, the environment remained relaxed and fun the whole time! They had such a great selection with so many different options. Everyone got to choose a bunch of dresses to try on and we still didn't have to worry about duplicates! Marylu and her consultants provided really helpful input! Everything was so well organized and efficient and everyone left happy! I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Important things to keep in mind when choosing your Bridesmaids Dresses

3 Notes from Katie O' Weddings and Events

1) We are seeing more brides get creative and let their bridal party have more of a choice in their attire! This is fun as it allows each attendants personality to shine through.

2) Sometimes "matchy matchy" can be too much. If you have a high count for your bridal party consider dresses that compliment one another rather than match exactly. This makes for great photos and keeps it interesting and creative.

3) Accessorize! Have fun with jewelry, shoes, hair styles and let each girl create her look. It is best to give parameters for this so that everyone looks cohesive!