The Virtual Copywriter

Jun, 16th, 2022

Writing a wedding speech can be an overwhelming task. Vow writers like The Virtual Copywriter remove stress and spark excitement for engaged couples and their wedding parties by collaborating to write custom wedding vows, best man and maid of honor toasts, father of the bride speeches, officiant ceremony scripts, and more. We recently chatted with Karen to learn more about this unique service.


Tell us about yourself and your business.

My name is Karen Lombardo, and I am the founder of The Virtual Copywriter LLC. The business focuses on copywriting and copyediting. Becoming a wedding speech writer happened when someone simply asked me if I would write their vows. They told me I was one of the most romantic people they knew. The first wedding vow project grew into best man speeches, maid of honor speeches, and extraordinary speeches for couples renewing their vows.

Love starts with a wedding and sometimes ends sadly, so I started writing obituaries and eulogies with the same purpose and heartfelt reflections, just at a different point in life.


What process do you go through with couples when writing their vows?

Well, I am kind of a coffee junkie, so I like to meet for coffee with the couple first before I meet with them separately. There, I can see and feel their dynamic. Writing such a personal and emotional piece must be in the person’s voice. The vows will be written so that each person's delivery is natural and comfortable. We do not want their friends and family to experience anything other than their true selves.

The vows are then written either openly or secretly, depending on whether the couple wants to keep the vows a surprise.

Each couple is different, and I love that! Some are shy, and some know exactly what they feel but can’t get the words out. That’s where I come in. If the vows are a secret, then we practice separately. Once we have a basic script, we practice, edit, and practice. We may laugh at the memories or cry in emotional moments.



What are the benefits of having a vow/speech writer?

I have been told that I help the couple get out of their own way and, through guided questions, spark the thought process to create the vows.

Some couples are looking for an editor to review the vows and either shorten or lengthen them. This is fun, too because I get them to think about their relationship early on and how they, and their love, have grown.


What do you love about your job?

I am a romantic at heart. My grandmother was the ultimate matchmaker. She wrote love letters to my Uncle Tony and signed them with her sister’s name. My Aunt Anna soon married my Uncle Tony, making my grandmother my role model in romantic thought and words. I think of her as I write.

I lost my husband very suddenly in 2021. We were married for 32 years, and I knew when I met him I would marry him. I try and hold those thoughts and feeling close when I listen to couples and begin to sketch out their vows. Being a wedding speech writer keeps that semblance of love, trust, and hope alive in me as I learn bout each couple that I work with. To say I am honored to be asked to write wedding vows or speeches is an understatement. Our collaborative effort will stand the test of time and perhaps be used, in part, by a child on their wedding day.



What is a fun fact about yourself?

I am a Secretary of Juliet (Giulietta) in Verona, Italy (just like in the movie Letters to Juliet). I answer letters from the lovelorn from around the world, hoping to give them some advice and peace with whatever ails their heart and soul.


To learn more about The Virtual Copywriter's wedding services, visit their website.

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