History in the Making

Jan, 6th, 2020

Historic Venues for the Modern Wedding

From the Adirondacks to the Catskills, Upstate NY is home to some of the states most gorgeous historic venues. From colonial charm, to decedent old world elegance - there's a venue to fit everyone's tastes and style. As the area's premier wedding caterer, Mazzone Hospitality has had the opportunity to work with the most sought-after venues. Bringing history to the modern day with some of the most breathtaking venues in our region, and beyond.

Historic venues are historic for a reason - they have stood the test of time and endured the fads that I'm sure many of us would prefer to leave in the past! The architectural features of these classic venues will never go out of style; so when you look back at your wedding photos they will never feel dated. If a historic venue has made it this far, you can be sure it will still be around for you to revisit on anniversaries in the future!

Check out some of our favorites!


Rob Spring Photography 

When you’re strolling down the main strip in Saratoga Springs, you can’t help but be transported back to the glamorous days of the 1800’s. This lively city was a main attraction for the wealthy and prominent, who traveled from all over the world to be a part of the scene that is as alluring today as it was when it was founded.

Canfield Casino | Caitlin Miller Photography 

The ever enchanting Canfield Casino was where fabulous crowds came to gamble for high stakes, after enjoying an afternoon at the race track. Today the Canfield Casino is host to some of the most beautiful weddings, and still undeniably fabulous crowds. With Tiffany stained glass skylights, cascading columns, and a vintage carousel out front - this venue is truly a work of art.

Hall of Springs | Dyanna Lamora Photography 

As you venture further out of the city past the elegant Victorian mansions, you'll come across the renowned Saratoga Spa State Park. This enormous green space wouldn't be the landmark it is today without its architectural jewels. The Hall of Springs and the National Museum of Dance & Hall of Fame are two magnificent historical venues that live in the heart of the park. With dazzling crystal chandeliers, ornate columns, and marble floors, the classical architecture of these historic buildings create an unforgettable ambiance you'll always cherish.

National Museum of Dance & Hall of Fame | Marlayna Photography 


Cornerstone at the Plaza | Joe Vogel Photography 

As you venture South on the Northway, you'll come across the State's Capital city - Albany! Downtown Albany is rich in history, and full of timeless venues, and endless attractions. Stroll through the Empire State Plaza and admire the grand buildings that make this Albany's main attraction. The New York State Museum, The Egg and Cornerstone at the Plaza are architectural masterpieces, with an eye catching backdrop of the historic New York State Capitol Building.

90 State Events | JMS Studio and Gallery 

When you venture out in the city, you'll come across 90 State Events. Built in the early 1900's as a National Savings Bank, 90 State Events retains original marble throughout, as well as its original bank vault.  Updated with modern touches, and the largest dance floor in the area, this classic setting is ready to create even more history for a modern day couple.


Key Hall at Proctors | Photo Phrame Photography

Travel to the West of Albany and you'll reach Schenectady's dramatic jem - Key Hall at Proctors. This is a truly unique event space conveniently located in the revitalized theater and entertainment center of downtown Schenectady. Having once served the community for over 100 years as a bank, this unique venue offers the stately beauty of a bygone era.

Glen Sanders Mansion | YTK Photography 

For those of you who love a traditional colonial style venue, the Glen Sanders Mansion located on the scenic banks of the Mohawk River, is the place to be! This historic mansion retains much of its original character from the 1700's - but was recently renovated with modern accents, like a stunning crystal chandelier, and dramatically grand staircase, to complement the original architecture.


Loft 433

Looking to bring an industrial spin to your wedding? Check out the newest venue to hit downtown Troy. Loft 433 is a unique and versatile event space offering unlimited possibilities for a truly memorable event. Dating back more than a century, as a shirt factory, the space still maintains much of it's industrial vibe with original masonry walls and lofty ceilings complemented by contemporary touches like LED lighting and floor to ceiling windows. When you spill out on the attached outdoor rooftop spaces, you'll experience one-of-a-kind skyline views of the Hudson River; the perfect backdrop for your industrial-chic wedding!

The Catskills, Adirondacks, and Beyond

Lakota Farms | Rob Spring Photography

If rustic is your vibe, we've got you covered! Livingston Manor at Oak Hill, The Historic Barns of Nipmoose, and Lakota's Farm are just a few of the amazing historic converted barn-style venues to host your perfect wedding. With restored wedding barns, and acres of picturesque landscape there's plenty of space to host your party, and take some fantastic photos. As rustic settings remain popular wedding locations, more and more historic barn venues keep popping up. 

Pruyn House | YTK Photography 

While some are tucked away in the rural areas of the region, some are located in the heart of the city, like Shaker Heritage Barn and the Pruyn House. Both are minutes away from the Albany Airport so you can easily jet off to your honeymoon after the wedding festivities end!

We love when couples choose a historical venue, because it means you won't have to wander to different locations to capture stunning wedding photos! Your venue is already host to multiple spaces, and grounds - all with unique character. In many cases this also means you won't have to change location for the reception after your ceremony, because of the variety of spaces to choose from. This will make life a lot easier for your guests, and it will make your wedding day run much smoother!

Another reason to love historic venues is because they speak for themselves! You won't have to spend too much time and money on decorations, because most of the decorating has already been done for you. When these buildings were designed everything was meticulously placed to enhance the beauty of the venue. These places are rich in history and unique in character. All of your guests, not just the art and history buffs, will appreciate the decadence of many of these sought after venues. 

In the end, a timeless venue is what everyone is looking for - and historic venues never go out of style. The Capital Region is filled with historic venues of every shape, size and style; the only challenge is finding the one that fits you best!