Belmont Picnic Bundles by Mazzone Hospitality

Belmont Picnic Bundle offerings for the Belmont Stakes Racing Festival include the following trifecta:


The Morning Workout ($90): The menu features six 12-ounce mixed-berry yogurt parfaits; four jumbo pull-apart cinnamon rolls with vanilla glaze; four smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches and six jumbo frittata egg muffins. Serves four to six people and includes six bottles of water.

Trackside ($150): The menu features two roasted turkey and brie sandwiches; two Italian-mixed sandwiches featuring ham, spicy capicola, salami and sharp provolone; two all-white-meat chicken salad sandwiches; two grilled vegetable wraps with eggplant, squash, roasted peppers and garlic white bean hummus; Mediterranean chickpea salad; coleslaw; chocolate chip cookies; and Saratoga Kettle Chips. All dressings and condiments are provided. Serves six people and includes six bottles of water.

Triple Crown Nosh ($180): The menu features locally sourced cheese and charcuterie, including dried fruits, honey, nuts, berries, olives, and seasonal accoutrements; artichoke parmesan dip with rosemary crackers and grissini breadsticks; bruschetta with garlic basil seasoned heritage tomatoes, red onion, sea salt, focaccia toasts, shaved parmesan Reggiano and olive oil; roasted garlic chickpea hummus with pita chips, Pico de Gallo, guacamole, corn chips and flour tortillas. Serves four to six people and includes six bottles of water.