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Wedding Desserts

Mar, 19th, 2016
Multi-tiered cakes have always been one of the most traditional parts of a wedding celebration - everyone has seen the photo of a bride coyly trying to get away from the groom attempting to feed her cake. But what if you want to forgo the cake in the face photo and put a new spin on the wedding dessert? There are so many alternatives to a traditional tiered-cake, the possibilities are endless!

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Wedding Favors

Mar, 8th, 2016
We did a little digging and found some great rustic wedding favors that will leave you guests happy and inspired.

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Floral Cocktails

Feb, 17th, 2016
Edible flowers give a fresh twist to any cocktail menu and if you're dreaming of a winter wedding, there are countless ways to incorporate seasonal blooms in your drinks.

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Valentine Inspired

Wedding Ideas

Feb, 8th, 2016
While some may not feel a dozen roses and a box of chocolates is the most original way to show your love, we're here to prove that you can celebrate being struck by cupid's arrow on your wedding day (without the cheese).

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